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About Us
Sant Gyaneshwar Public School is one of the leading schools of Delhi that provides the best of infrastructure facilities. The process of teaching and learning that aspires to reach new heights and produce a generation that is more reliable, respectful and rich in values. The curriculum adopted by the school focuses on a broad and balanced range of subjects and activities with a special reference to intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and social development , a curriculum that prepares young people for adult and working life. It emphasis on pupils' achievement of attaining the targets that are high but with realistic expectations. A continuous assessment of learners' performance and optimal use of teaching and learning time through effective classroom management makes the environment more learners friendly. Varied teaching methodologies, Effective and supportive timetabling, Sensitive guidance and care and a Climate or atmosphere of trust and cooperation is a great contribution of the school to active citizenship.

The school's culture includes the obvious elements of schedules, curriculum, demographics, and policies, as well as the social interactions that occur within the structures and give a school its look and feel as "friendly," "elite," and a" competitive," one, Because these aspects of culture are primarily formed through teacher-student interactions, classroom culture is an intrinsic part of school culture. "We trust in God ", that is the motto which ignites the souls to prosper and work together for the cause of humanity.
The aim of Sant Gyaneshwar Public School is to develop in the child those qualities that will make them worthy citizens of India. The school appreciates the importance of adopting western scientific temper without giving up Indian traditions and culture.
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